marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

First Month Lips...

One of the things I wanted to do this year is focus more on my First Kiss Lips blaug. I had been letting it slip so on New Year's I resolved to post every day this month to get back in the swing of things, and look at that! 34 posts this month. It was also important to start the new year strong so I finally got around to posting about Devant, and also to end this month with something really great so today I posted about Even As We Speak, my favourite Sarah Records band (what's yours?) There are plenty of blogs where you can grab lots of cool out-of-print stuff and I really appreciate those, but I like to think of my blaug like when you're hanging out at your friend's house late at night playing each other stuff the other "just has to hear!" My goal is to have 183 posts by the time First Kiss Lips is 1 year old (to be one every other day), and this looks very doable (much like me in a mesh half-shirt).
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