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lagging behind...

I keep thinking of tons of stuff I'd like to post about but never finding the time. Such as a really fun story of Alex Paynter coming over to watch some League of Gentlemen the other night. Or a very bizarre dream 2 nights ago about an expedition to Ethiopia. But perhaps these are better told in person.

For now I've finally released the FREE H Bird EP. Please don't pay for it. It was a radio session that never happened. New version of Danger Makers, a cover of Lifestyle's "Are You Coming On To Me?" (I'm very proud of this, except for one half-beat, the guitar is live one-take, complete with EVH solo), and "A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring", technically an AUNTIE song but also known as Theme From The Oxford Dons.

Speaking of which, I typed up my notes for the Moneypenny film which is Johnson reading from his autobiography, "I Was A Sexed-Up West African Mercenary". Very surreal, very pleased.

And a piece I wrote on Action Biker is now up. Lovely Swedish synthpop.

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