marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

the first appearance of a helmeted figure...

After all that already today, I arrived at Horry's at 9:50. And at 12.25 walked out with a disc of the finished Beekeeper. I was so exhausted that for the last hour I had to lie down on the floor behind him in what little space wasn't taken up with Dr. Who paraphernalia. I put McAlmont & Butler's "Yes" on my ipod and then decided some Shostakovich would be nice. And wound up listening to what my ipod bills as "Cello Concerto No. 1 in R Flat, Op. 107". R Flat, rather fitting for the night The Beekeeper was completed. It's really good, I'm really pleased with it. Steve's done a great job and, seeing it, I like the story a lot too. I'm glad Steve is patient enough to add all my little jokes that perhaps only Kate Dornan might get. It shall, fingers crossed, be out on Wednesday. Which is also the night I've been looking forward to most this year, the Dodgem Logic night.

I've been going for 19 hours straight. My skin feels like it's crawling with insects. Time for bed.
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