marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham


David Barnett & my Eiscafe song is finally up!!! Very exciting. Go on, grab it, it's free if you type in 0.

I'm very very pleased with this. It took FOREVER for me to get done. And it turned out not really needing all that much, just the right things. And when Danny Gold pointed out that it was very Kinks-y, and I finally just listened to The Kinks again, I felt a whole lot better about it. Where would us Boston musicians be without Danny Gold?

But this is really all David. I just sent him that riff and the chords. The melody, words and most importantly the story are all his and what really make it. We were convinced us doing a song together would just end up sounding like Suede. But it's more Pulp ; )

When there are enough Eiscafe songs, I want to do a gig with everybody. Ian already said he would book us for How Does It Feel? Which is awesome. "Slag" will be really fun to do live.
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