marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

"I'm so much like me..."

I'm quite possibly elated right now. Been trying to find old Lifestyle footage forever. Remembered a video we did for a TV show for Mass Com. They had sent us a VHS copy of it in 2002 (when we made it) but no one knows what happened to that. Going through my old emails, in Eudora no less, I actually found one from the guy who set it all up. Unbelievably there was a number at the bottom. Even more unbelievably when I phoned it, it wasn't to the school or anything, it was still his cell phone!!

(6 rings) "Hi, Adrian? This is Aug Stone, I used to play in a band called Lifestyle about 8 years ago..." "Oh hey man, how's it going?"

He remembered me! And couldn't have been friendlier. Recognizing how hard it might be to locate such a thing he said he'd give it his best shot. Oh man, I hope this happens. I'm pretty sure I was still sporting the red mohawk. I'd be willing to put money on that the black boa is featured.

I remember the shoot being cold. It was March and we had to be there for 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Lifestyle already had a heavy schedule on and we were all tired and ill. It was supposed to be for a TV show so we just went in and played live a few times I think. We got a VHS a few months as the head of the place was bummed out that he missed us and had gotten (student) actors and put in his own plot line, augmented by us playing. They even did an edit of the song!

Please let this happen.
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