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"You're so gay, I bet you don't even like boys..."

Soph and I went to Windsor on Saturday to see Devant at the Firestation. A fantastic evening despite my being exhausted and having a headache. But a few songs in, as always with excellent music, all that went away and things got awesome. A documentary on Ivor Cutler and "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" were the "opening acts", neither of which I had ever seen. It was seated, sort of like a TV studio. It was Soph's first time and I was convinced she'd like it if for nothing else than The Vessel's outfit. But it was quite different to how I've seen them before and we both thought it was really amazing. It has been commented on Facebook that the setting itself had something to do with it. But also there were slideshows for each song which were quite cool, with The Vessel draping his cape over or kneeling in front of the projector when it went back to being a computer. They opened with a new song, "The Weatherman Got It Wrong", which was very good as were the other 2 new ones, "Cut Out And Keep" and one more whose name I can't recall. Shows promise for the new album. Apparently they were having technical difficulties but aside from Foz?s guitar not being on, one really couldn't tell. They even went so far as to do the whole ending of "Dangerous Dilettante" again. I was a bit baffled by this as it seemed fine, but then it was pretty awesome as if the song itself just could not be stopped. Got to hear "Radar" which I don't think I've ever seen live and they ended with a completely live version of "I'm Not Even Going To Try" (sans programmed synth) which included such wonderful lines when Vessel freestyles as the repeated "My milkshake's better than your milkshake...I'm stuck in the past, I'm stuck in the past" over and over again. And then to the tune of "You're So Vain" - "You're so gay, I bet you don't even like boys". Ace. The encore was Cookie/Miscellaneous/About It/I'm Not Even Going To Try. Amazing. During Miscalleneous there was also a bit of spontaneously choreographed kicking from Vessel and Foz?. Really looking forward to the December gig, hope the 100 Club stays open til then.

Finished Theodore Roszak's "Flicker" recently which Per recommended to me when we were talking about "Illuminatus!", "sort of an Illumatus! of the film industry, perhaps not as well written as 'Foucault's Pendulum' but I still like it" he said. Well, I thought it was better than "Foucault's Pendulum" but there were times the writing dragged in the same way - stuck in the past tense, "and this happened then this happened then this happened". But the story was good, holding my interest to the point of obsessing at points, and I do miss it now it's gone - the sign of a good book. I was a bit surprised that with the Black Bird being a symbol of the secret organization - The Orphans Of The Storm - that it wasn't mentioned about the raven that Noah sent out from the ark before the dove which never returned.

I am now onto Svetislav Basara's "The Cyclist Conspiracy" (though I much prefer the original translated title "Fuss About Cyclists). Described as the Serbian "Gravity's Rainbow", thankfully it's nowhere near that in length or denseness. But it's been pretty awesome so far.

Very sad about Leslie Nielsen. Very funny man. "Nightcap?" "No thank you, never wear 'em." One of my favourite lines (from one of the Naked Guns). Rhodri posted this which I hadn't seen before and think is excellent:

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