marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

forever in my dreams...

i had a dream last night in which featured the joke "What's an eskimo?"

and the answer, which everyone besides myself seemed to get, was "Pulp".

this joke was repeated in a lot of articles and i had come across some that mentioned 2 early pulp songs, with sample clips of them. one of them was absolutely brilliant. it was called "the periodic table" and the clip (though there might've been more to it) had jarvis simply reading the periodic table in order (i seem to recall "barium" in there). it was also pointed out that this was later covered by nitzer ebb. which sounded a lot like, well, nitzer ebb. the other song was in my head too when i first woke up but it's gone now.

i was also convinced in my halfsleep this morning that i was going into the studio today to sing on "elevator to heaven" but that i would continually lose my voice on the 2nd line. i don't have to do this. but i am hoping to finish the backing track to the h bird version of "are you coming on to me?" today.
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