marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

"...others in pensive, soft close-ups - from which the original fog-silvered wool was sheared."*

Been meaning to update forever - trip to America, a lovely day in Moscow Road - but so much else going on and tons of computer trouble, hopefully now fixed. Will hopefully get back to those.

We put out The Soft Close-Ups album, "In Retrospect", on Monday. You can GET IT HERE, pay-what-you-like or FREE (just type in 0). I'm really pleased with it. Those songs are lovely and the mastering makes them sounds really nice. If you've got the old versions, please replace them with these new ones, they sound so much better.

And I made 3 videos, starring a few of my attractive female friends:


* "Gravity's Rainbow", Thomas Pynchon, p. 184
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