marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

my new career as a French Czech New Wavist...

Except for not getting to see my Soph, I wish all days could be like this. I woke up, recorded, met Horry to discuss The Beekeeper (which is going to be really awesome), recorded a new song with Kate, shot J Bev's last scenes for the 'Fireworks' video, then went to see Pris at The Monarch. WHO WERE AMAZING! Very raw, energetic. Stayed a lot longer than I thought, running into the Quirk and hanging out with Pris' entourage. Received two AWESOME Avril books in the post, "Paris Tokyo New York Bruxelles" and "Art". And once again picked up Jim Dodge's "Not Fade Away", having got distracted halfway through it last summer, and it is incredibly good.
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