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Things continue to be very good. Excellent weekend. After seeing the lovely Soph, I went to an amazing gig in Herne Hill. Then raced up to King's Cross to see Shrag DJ at Scared To Dance. Then to a fun housewarming party where I realized I should probably learn more than my own songs on acoustic guitar. And inspired by the brilliance of the gig I saw the night before, I finally started my own music blog, something I've been meaning to do for ages. Then a nice picnic in the park before heading to The Park Tavern and winning £3 on the quiz machine. Also got to chat with my friend Jim back home on Saturday, always nice, and finally got through to my family on holiday in Florida yesterday, where Fitts and I talked A LOT (as usual) about Van Halen, and I learned further distressing news.

And today, well, I just got a message back from Tyson Meade, the singer of The Chainsaw Kittens! Eeekk!! I loved that band since seeing the "Connie I've Found The Door" video on 120 Minutes back in 1992. On Friday night I was lamenting the fact that, even with the internet, I couldn't find his first solo album, "Motorcycle Childhood" ANYWHERE! So now with the internet, I found him on Facebook and sent him a message. And he just wrote back. Exciting.

Here's that video:

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