marcus pingham (augstone) wrote,
marcus pingham

the laziest post ever...

just copying & pasting from facebook, but this dream seems worth preserving:

had a dream last night where Keith Totp gave me a small horse that I kept in my flat. I never remembered to feed it but luckily there turned out to be a Horse Vet on Holloway Road.

It was quite small, like a large dog (but seemed different from a pony). It stood stock-still right next my bookcase near the door. At one point Soph yelled at me, "Couldn't you just get a broom and try to feed it that?"

I was constantly very worried it had died, I hadn't given it any water either. When I finally remembered to, I put the bowl under its nose and it walked a couple of paces away. I was very relieved. This was after the vet had asked me about giving it water, and I lied as I had completely forgot to do so and said "I assumed it would just drink out of the toilet whenever it got thirsty".

Oh dear. I had also taken in a lodger, who may or may not have been Gabe from the American Office. He was very concerned because I "hadn't told him there would be horses living here" when I took him in.
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