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"the first 5 years I knew you I thought you were on painkillers"...

So the first Eiscafe song is up. Free if you want it, just type in 0 in the price bar. It's a Mary Chain-esque duet between me and Liz Enthusiasm from Freezepop.

I've been meaning to write about the Eiscafe project, and since I'm stuck at Kennedy airport for another 2 1/2 hours, I might as well now.

About a month ago I (half-jokingly) posted on Facebook that since I had about 100 demos, perhaps I should release 10 albums in 2011. (been listening to a ton of John Frusciante lately, who released 6 albums in 2004) Simon Drowner commented that perhaps I could write 4 more and release a single, A & B-sides, a week, 104 songs in all. Within 5 minutes of thinking about it, I realized this was a worthy plan to pursue. It would force me to work harder on music, and even if I fail, a heck of a lot of songs would get out there. Problem being that I have quite a few of these songs earmarked for other projects I already have in mind. And, as I've been saying for years, I want to find other people to sing them, as my vocal melodies all tend to sound the same. A & B-side would be a hell of a lot to get ready each week. But 1 song a week definitely seemed doable. And a lot of people said they'd be interested in collaborating. (If we've talked about this, don't worry, some music will find its way to you soon) Perhaps I spoke too early or gave a wrong impression as to the 'completeness' of the demos, a lot of them need adding to, but again, this will force me to WORK (which I really want to do). It will be a great purge and hopefully working so much will inspire a heck of a lot more.

Since the idea was suggested only about 2 weeks before the new year, and I was leaving my recording equipment to go the States for the first 3 weeks of that year, it seemed things would have to be delayed. But then I thought, they might not have to be. I remembered a song I wrote years ago called "Quitting You Is Harder Than Candy", which I stole off Vanessa's livejournal a long time ago (2003, 2004). And couldn't stop singing it to myself the whole way to New York. I had the idea to duet with Jussi on it back when I wrote it (had to re-write some of the lyrics that I'd forgotten) so I thought, no need to delay, maybe I could go to Boston and Sean could record it and Jussi would sing on it. And that's what happened.

Racing to get back to Connecticut before the blizzard (seriously, 18 inches of snow) last Tuesday, we got the majority of it done in an hour and a half. Once I started to learn how stuff works years ago, I realized just how easy it must've been to make all those Mary Chain records that I loved (not that that takes anything away from their power, it was just surprising). And Sean really knows what he's doing and is FAST.

So yes, I'm superpleased. It sounds great. (I'm also very tired right now so I hope this is coherent). Before I went to Boston as well, Kate sent me a demo of the music I sent her, "Apricot Lipstick", and it's going to be SUPERRAD and lovely. Steve apparently has his lyrics written as well. So I'm confident I can catch up soon so it will be 1 song a week. (Though again further delays as I just upgraded to Snow Leopard without buying the new DP first and found out the hard way last night when I was trying to record a new idea that the version of DP I have doesn't work at all. So a slight snafu, hopefully get the new one tomorrow.) Oh yeah, during all this, I was trying to finish another song, just to have something for a week, called "Busy Signals", which I like, but couldn't get it done.

It was lovely being home. And the time just flew by. Started work on a Dentists script for my Occult Dentistry idea. And have been reading Anthony Kiedis' autobiography, which is very enjoyable. But I really tried to focus on spending time with the people I love and don't get to see that often and it was great but man how I wish I had more of it.

Oh yes, on re-reading, the name Eiscafe, a word I really like, and there's a Soft Close-Ups song called Eiscafe as well, but I thought it would be a good thing to call such a project as my German teacher explained to me that an Eiscafe was like an ice cream parlour where youths go to meet and hang out, it's a social thing, so kinda fitting for a project bringing different people together. Of course, once the darker songs start coming out it might bring a completely different feel.

And I just completely did a double-take when already "Quitting You Is Harder Than Candy" is the 5th Most Viewed on the Corporate Records site.
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